Woven And Non-woven Geotextile: What’s The Difference

Woven and Non-woven Geotextile: What’s The Difference Geotextiles are fabrics that are used in a variety of applications and fields. They are used for soil stability, erosion control, construction, drainage, engineering, and clothing.  Generally, geotextiles are made of synthetic materials such as polypropylene or polyester – this makes it extremely durable.  Their resistance to rot and […]

Methods of Addressing Shore Erosion

Methods of Addressing Shore Erosion Shoreline erosion is a serious issue faced by a lot of countries and areas around the world. With modern advancements in technology, numerous strategies are available to mitigate the issue of erosion. The primary purpose of shoreline protection is to defend the property from shore erosion resulting from wave attacks. […]

Why Are Vertical Drains Important?

When roads, footpaths, parking lots or forest paths are constructed over deep soft soil, it can lead to massive settlements accumulating over an extended period of time.

To speed up this process, vertical drains are installed nearby to provide an alternative route through which pore water can be drained rapidly.

How Geosynthetics are Used in Road Construction

How Geosynthetics are Used in Road Construction Geosynthetics are defined as the products produced from polymeric materials. They are used in various geotechnical engineering projects, soil stabilization and road construction, and are an essential part of man-made construction projects and structures.  There are many types of geosynthetics produced in Malaysia. Generally, the term is used […]

How Does Geosynthetic Help in Ground Improvement

How Does Geosynthetic Help in Ground Improvement Soil Reinforcement is essential to provide stability and controlled deformation to the soil. The soil itself is strong in compression, but weaker in tension. As a result, tensile materials are necessary to stabilize the soil and improve the ground. One common and famous technique of ground improvement is […]

Geomembrane Vs. Geotextile

Geomembrane vs. Geotextile A plastic film is used in the geomembrane, which acts as the anti-seepage material. A geotextile material makes use of the nonwoven fabric. As they are geosynthetic material, geotextiles are used in drainage, separation of soil and gravel, and other environmental applications like protecting the geomembrane and dewatering of the polluted liquids. Water can […]

What Are Vertical Drains?

What Are Vertical Drains? Prefabricated vertical drains have become one of the significant techniques to minimize the impacts of liquefaction on buildings. Many vertical drains have been installed in Malaysia to prevent damage to the structures. The effectiveness of the vertical drains is proven by the fact they alleviate the pressure caused by an earthquake. […]

3 Types of Geotextiles and Their Usage

3 Types of Geotextiles and Their Usage Geotextiles are synthetic permeable textile materials that are used for improving soil characteristics. They can separate, filter, reinforce, protect, and drain when used in the soil.  Geotextiles are the perfect materials for several infrastructural works like roads, landfills, drainage, and other civil projects.   Types of Geotextile The […]